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Hype Alert: Internet Shopping Carts Are Secure

My blog reader fed me a nugget today that set off my hype monitor, specifically a post entitled Internet Shopping Carts are Secure.
To be fair, I realize the author is speaking from the eCommerce perspective, rather than that of an information security practitioner, but here's where the trouble begins:
"Shopping cart service providers have developed secure ecommerce shopping cart solutions for any business owner looking to enhance their current online store, or create a new one. Some ecommerce shopping cart solution providers are even receiving PABP (Payment Application Best Practice) certification which supports PCI compliance requirements for all businesses accepting credit card payments online."
This may be true in part, but it is by no means an all-inclusive claim. Shopping carts continue to be sieve-like, even when apparently reviewed per PCI standards.
Allow me to elaborate.
We'll kick off our hype eliminating effort with a simple Google dork: inurl:&q…

XSF & XSS: Double your pleasure, double your fun

If you've read this blog, or those of my peers, you're likely quite familiar with cross-site scripting, and the problems associated with open redirect vulnerabilities. A vulnerability you may be less familiar with is cross-site framing, which largely couples the best of both above-mentioned vulnerabilities.
What then, if there's a cross-site framing vulnerability coupled with cross-site scripting in the content offered by the frame? All sorts of problems come to mind: phishing, malware, credential theft; all arguably twice removed from the attacker's source, tucked away in the context of two victim sites.
First, I'll discuss the original XSS issue that led to this finding.
Recently, I was investigating a flawed parameter in Openhire, a career posting vendor used by major companies like Crate&Barrel, Eileen Fisher, Enterprise, Benjamin Moore, Scottrade, and Getty Images.
Most of these sites simply link to the Openhire offering that hosts job postings on their behal…

EstDomains & Intercage: A Perfect Couple in Crime

If you track malware issues as readily as I do, you're likely aware of the failings of clownpacks like EstDomains and their hosting buddies Atrivo/Intercage. You need only follow Sunbelt's take on the topic, or search Emergingthreats to come up to speed.
Yesterday, EstDomains posted the most inept, ridiculous response ever issued to the endless and worthy criticism, largely leveled by Brian Krebs at the Washington Post.
Not only can't these morons from EstDomains write, they're either so deeply clueless or flagrantly malicious (likely both), it's beyond laughable. This section sums it up best:
"The company also has a reliable ally in its battle against malware in a face of Intercage, Inc which provides company with the hosting services of the highest quality. But the outstanding performance of hosting services is not the sole reason why EstDomains, Inc appreciates this partnership so greatly. Intercage, Inc generously provides EstDomains, Inc specialists with re…

XSS fortune cookie

Forgive me in advance for an extremely bad joke, if you can even call it that, but I just can't help it.
Here's how to get an XSS fortune cookie:

1) Ask the mighty Google oracle who might be able to tell you your fortune.

2) Select one of the sponsored links; in this case I chose

3) Pick a variable. I settled for banid.

4) Ask it if it has a cookie for you. XSS fortune cookie. Sorry. Really, I am.

The webmaster has been nice.

Screenshot for after they fix the issue. | digg